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A Box of Pure ChocolatesI know, you all thought that I would surely choose the bottle of Bluebell Vineyard’s sparkling wine from my prize hamper to be the New Year’s Eve instalment of the “Twelve Gifts of Christmas.” I mean, this is the night for toasting with champagne and all that. But I don’t like champagne, or any fizzy drink (which is very ironic, when I consider that my first blog post involved Champagne mousse), and I wanted to try the product that I would enjoy most on New Year’s Eve.

Pure Chocolate TrufflesAn Edible GemSo, naturally, I went for the box of Pure Chocolate Truffles.

Assorted Pure TrufflesThe box contained a dozen mixed truffles, in six flavours, so two of each. The family gathered round, as I got out a thin, sharp knife and painstakingly divided up each nugget of chocolate into small pieces for us to sample.

Champagne TruffleAnd guess what? One of the flavours was champagne, so we got in our New Year’s Eve bubbles after all. It was combined with a very creamy milk chocolate ganache and a powdery coating of confectioners’ sugar. And in spite of what I just said about champagne, I actually enjoyed it in truffle form quite a bit!

Milk Chocolate-Raspberry TruffleThen there was the milk-chocolate raspberry truffle with framboise, which was absolutely delicious. Although I only got a corner of it to taste . . . this one was my brother’s favourite–aren’t I nice to give away my prize truffles!

Dark Chocolate Calvados TruffleThe dark chocolate-apple was a bit disappointing, for I really couldn’t pick up on much of a fruit flavour. I think the dark chocolate was too strong for it, perhaps milk would have worked better. I also, despite tradition, do not like truffles rolled in cocoa powder, because it leaves such a bitter taste on your tongue.

Singapore Sling TruffleWe recovered, however, with the Singapore Sling truffle: a scrumptious concoction of velvety dark chocolate ganache flavoured with gin, amaretto, and cherry, encased in a sleek milk chocolate shell. I split the first one up with the rest of the family, but kept the second one all for myself. Definitely my personal favourite of the lot.

Coconut-Sea Salt Caramel TruffleThere was also a rather clever sea salt-coconut milk caramel in dark chocolate. If you are caught up in the salted caramel craze, this is a take on it that you should not miss.

Rum-Raisin Marzipan TruffleFinally, there was the rum-raisin marzipan in dark chocolate. Kim Bang-Sorensen, the owner of PURE Chocolate, first got started recreating the chocolate-covered marzipan of his native Denmark, so this, I suppose, is sort of a signature item of his. Unfortunately, I had just made my own homemade marzipan a few days before, so am spoilt for choice! But I thought his was a clever combination all the same.

If you would like to learn more about Bang-Sorensen’s story, you can read the feature on him over at Rosemary and Pork Belly’s blog, or visit the company website here.

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