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Beetroot-Coloured Dog BiscuitsLook at those lovely biscuits . . . the only trouble? They’re dog biscuits. And I don’t have a dog.

Snaffles Dog BiscuitsSo how can I review them for the “Twelve Gifts of Christmas?” Well, these Snaffles Gourmet Dog Biscuits made with all-natural ingredients, nothing that I wouldn’t eat–so I tried one myself. A bit crunchy for human taste, of course, but dogs wouldn’t mind that. And I think I can guarantee that any pet would be delighted with these treats, because I thought they were quite tasty! And they are pretty, too, which is a bonus in my opinion, although I don’t know how much dogs care about that sort of thing . . .

Snaffles Gourmet Dog BiscuitsAnd the rest of the biscuits won’t go to waste, for the workmen who are renovating the house across the street from ours have four big, beautiful German shepherds who I am sure will love them.

A Lovely TinAnd I’ll get to keep the tin!

Gourmet Dog BiscuitsYou can read more about the Snaffles story on Rosemary and Pork Belly’s blog, or visit their website here.

In case you missed it . . .

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